Pisces Horoscope Saturday 2020

You'll be proud of yourself and of who you are - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, November 7, 2020

You might question if your studies or career are really in line with your vocation, or whether it's time to change direction


With the moon in your area of health you’ll feel a wave of energy that makes you vibrate.  Today is a food day to tell yourself that your beauty is unique, that you are unique, and you know it, Pisces. You’ll step firmly, confident in your steps. You’ll be proud of who you are, and you’ll bring out the best version of yourself.

Your partner will love your attitude and you, far from being egocentric, will be very affectionate and romantic. You’ll both be a good team this Saturday. You’ll be in sync and you’ll greatly enjoy any plans which arise. Your passion will shine throughout the day, and you’ll partner will reciprocate with equal passion.

If you’re single, your aura will attract many people and you’ll see how many people will have their eye on you.

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You won’t leave anything up to chance during this festive night, so you’ll nip out to make some last-minute purchases to look amazing. If you like make up, you’ll look for the market’s strongest highlighter so that when the light reflects off your face it makes your skin look like a diamond.

You’ll come up with very original plans, solutions and ideas linked to making more money in your investments and vocation. It’s one of those days where you can suddenly shout “eureka!”

If you’re studying, with the sun in opposition to Uranus, you might question whether you’re really happy with the career you’ve chosen or whether you've made a mistake and need to change paths.

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No ailment will bother you, but you must be careful with substances which alter your heart rate such as taurine (which is present in most energy drinks), alcohol and nicotine.

You’ll be clumsier than usual so don’t be surprised if you get trod on (or if you tread on others).