Pisces Horoscope Tuesday 2020

You need to feel safe and loved in your relationship - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The working and professional outlook is tricky, but you shouldn't let anyone abuse their power


You’ll need physical contact with your partner.  Not in a sexual way but as a way to feel safe and loved. Your subconscious will want to feel there’s stability in your romantic life and, for this reason, you’ll be clinging to your beloved, which might make them feel a bit overwhelmed.

Those who are single will also be influenced by this energy, which will make them a bit melancholic and sad. If this is your case, remember that happiness can never come from outside, it must come from within yourself.

Children will demand to have some space and privacy today. They’ll want more freedom of movement and less control from you.  Keep calm and try to reach agreements without compromising your authority.

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These are tricky times, but this doesn’t mean you should let your bosses fill their pockets or recover the money they’ve lost over the past couple of months at your expense by making you work unpaid overtime. Your colleagues will agree, but the key to winning this battle will be to stay united in your demands, don't let anyone trample over your workers’ rights!

You have coins lying around in different places in your house. Gather them up and take them to the bank to get the amount in banknotes, or deposit it in your account directly. Why not invite a friend over for dinner with this money which was just lying around? This way you’ll be able to catch up.

You want to move house, but you're being really picky when choosing a new home. You want something luxurious but low cost and, I’m afraid, Pisces, that this is simply impossible.

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You won’t deprive yourself of the pleasures of some unhealthy meals. Sweets and deep-fried foods won't harm you if you have them from time to time, but remember the 90/10 monthly rule: 90% healthy diet and 10% unhealthy whims.