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You'll need help to achieve your dreams - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, January 7, 2021

Remember that you're not that voice that tells you everything you've done wrong, you are what's behind, observing that voice


A dream or nightmare could lead to you reliving recent events which will fill you with sorrow and grief over the lost opportunities. You won’t manage to fix anything with this attitude, Pisces. The best thing you can do is accept part of the blame and, if need be, make reparations.

Sometimes your more critical side fixates on your close relatives, and you might hurt their feelings. However, afterwards you reflect and realize what you've done. Apologizing for it and trying to mend that bond today will be an act of healing.

Those who are single have met or will soon meet someone who, at a first glance, might seem very harsh with you. But what this new friend or love really wants is to bring out the best in you.

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Teamwork will be an uphill battle. It seems you can never reach that goal or objective you’ve been trying to reach, and this might discourage everyone. Even if you feel this way too, you won’t hesitate to cheer up the group and encourage them to keep fighting for your goal.

A personal project you had in mind starts suddenly taking shape and, although you’ll want to do everything alone, you’ll need all the possible help if you really want to make it succeed. Find support in your family, partner and close friends to make this dream come true.

For those who are unemployed, some conversations with acquaintances will make them feel a sensation of chaos in the job market. This will distract you even more if you don’t know which positions to apply for.


Your subconscious will tend to tell you how poorly you've done this and that. Don’t let this mortify you, use mindfulness to be present and to silence that voice. It would also be good if you avoided negative news. Put your phone to one side, turn off the television and prepare an apple pie to bring some joy to your tummy.

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