You and your partner are the perfect team - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, February 7, 2021

Being in touch with nature will help you move away from the constat noise of your daily life


With Mercury retrograde, ex romantic interests might appear to try and put an end to your current relationship (both on your partner’s side and on yours). Without letting them ruffle your feathers, and being as diplomatic as you can, you’ll scare those vultures away who only want to cause pain and sadness.

This will be a team task, both members of the relationship will act as a united front and without hesitation, in order to stop other people’s attempts at meddling in your love life. You’ll be very happy to see that your beloved is just as committed as you are, and that the love you have for each other can conquer all.

Single Pisces who take the leap to ask someone out, will have Venus’s blessing on their side. But in order to make things work out you’ll need to prepare beforehand, look for shared interests and talk about them during your date.

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You won’t be so lazy with the housework and you’ll get to work early on so you can finish as early as possible. Even if you have any outstanding tasks at work, you’ll have self-discipline, and you won’t leave them for tomorrow.

Despite having an income and having your needs covered, there are some debts that you’re blatantly ignoring which you should repay as soon as possible, otherwise the interest rates and commissions will keep piling up Perhaps you’ll have to cut back on a weekly treat, but this is what you must do, Pisces.


The moon in Sagittarius in good aspects with the sun gives you optimism, dynamism and energy to make this Sunday a productive day.

Family commitments will be important for you and you’ll really want to have a family meal to warm your heart.

Set aside a few hours to exercise outdoors, in contact with nature. The fresh air you’ll find among plants and trees will fill your lungs making you feel alive.

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