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Your Pisces Horoscope for December 7th

Your Pisces prediction for Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

Can you get an idea of how you'll fare in friendship and in health?

Your Pisces Horoscope is here to clear up any unknowns that worry you.


Pisces, love can be truly unpredictable. If you have a partner, today you'll receive very good news. Your partner might have taken the trouble to win your heart with a nice gesture, so don't rule out a trip in the near future.

If you're single, your family will comfort you with their support and company. Perhaps they'll organize some kind of surprise outing to make you a little happier. Dare to explore new places with those you love the most.

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Your prediction says that you could be a little disappointed in shops. You might go to a shop today with the intention of returning a certain item of clothing. However, you'd better forget about the idea of getting your money back.

At best, you can exchange your return for an item of the same value. It might not be the most satisfactory solution for you, but as an alternative, it's not bad. Take advantage of the situation and buy yourself a treat.


Your Pisces Horoscope predicts that today you'll have a new employee under your care. You'll be in charge of their training and instruction on the job.

In addition, you'll have to take them on a tour of the premises so that they can begin to orientate themselves. They'll be in your care for a few weeks until they start to get used to their job.

If this is your first time doing a task like this, make sure you set the bar high. You could become a great supervisor.


Certain rumors will leave you amazed and completely fascinated. Word on the street is that you have more than one admirer after you. Even if you're not going to have a relationship with them, knowing that you're liked is a real boost for your self-esteem.


Don't sink into depressing thoughts, Pisces. We all have to go through very difficult emotional moments in our lives. However, that isn't reason enough to throw in the towel.