Pisces Horoscope Friday 2020

The evening will be drenched in romance - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, August 7, 2020

The tense planetary aspects in your area of health can alter it and upset your day


In the evening you’ll feel so happy with your partner that you’ll want to do a romantic plan. Watching a romantic film will give you butterflies in your tummies. Plus, you’ll also be able to pick up ideas from the film for things or experienced you’d like to have together.

Pisces who have recently started seeing someone will realize the person doesn’t fulfil their expectations. Perhaps it was your haste to not be on your own that got you in this situation. You’d better not waste time and nip that relationship in the bud, little fish.

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A bowel problem will assail you during the middle of your workday, and you’ll probably have to go home.  Your boss will want you to make up for the time lost as soon as possible. But don’t hasten, the best thing is to do it once you feel better. If they threaten to fire you, be prepared and record all the conversations and messages you get, just in case you need them further down the line.

Due to your discomfort you might be forced to cancel an activity you’d already paid for and which you were going to do with your friends or family tomorrow, Saturday. Go over the cancellation policy, because, unfortunately, you’re likely to only get 50% of your money back, if any at all.

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Some dodgy food you ate last night will affect your gut health. You’ll feel so badly, and your tummy will be in such a state that you’ll have to leave work early and go home.

To recover, you should use what your nan would recommend: make rice soup with some carrot and chamomile in it. Rest as much as you can, tomorrow with the moon in Aries you’ll regain your strength.

With the combination of the moon with Neptune in your sign, it’s a good moment to watch a documentary or to read a book on spiritual or religious growth.