The Pisces sign surrounded by stars

You enjoy spending time with your friends - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, March 6, 2021

Look after your throat: avoid drinking very cold or very hot beverages, and wear a scarf


With Mars in Gemini in your area of the home, in a good aspect with Pluto in Capricorn in your area of friendships, the stars predict that a friend will become almost like family. Or perhaps a friend will become a part of your family, either by becoming your partner or the partner of a direct relative.

You’re also likely to start a new life if you’re single, by moving in with your best friend, which will make your bond even stronger.

The truth is that, due to these energies, today you’ll be the most sociable sign in the Zodiac, and you’ll want to spend good moments with your usual group of friends, meeting new people.

Your partner might feel some jealousy and try to dissuade you from your plans. But you won’t have any of it, and you’ll make it clear that you’re going out alone today, to have some fun.

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You’ll be very interested in training, or in a potential business you’ve discovered through people who inspire you professionally. Although this opportunity involves an expensive trip, this won’t stop you, a good savings plan will help you achieve this.

We don’t expect many changes this Saturday when it comes to your job and finances. This will be a quiet day where you won’t worry about either of these matters. You’ll prefer to focus on having a good time.

The Pisces-Virgo axis shows that, if you have a business partner, you’ll feel uncomfortable making decisions with them. You’ll think about flying on your own.


Very hot or very cold drinks will affect your throat. Although it might seem boring to drink water or juice while out with people, the truth is that it’s the best thing for you. Plus, you should avoid air drafts by wearing a kerchief or a scarf.

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