Pisces Horoscope Monday 2020

Good news in terms of your health - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, July 6, 2020

Globally it's been proven that working from home is possible, and that it yields the same results, if bot better, this could be the solution for you Pisces


A conflict with your children might unleash an argument with your partner regarding who is right regarding how things must be done.  It will be a tug of war with your partner, where no one will come out victorious. You must be in agreement on the important things when it comes to raising your children. And, if you don’t agree on any points, remember not to argue in front of them.

On a romantic level, you’ll want to make more plans at home. At night, the sum of couch + tv series + popcorn with your beloved will be a winning combo.

Incorrigible bachelor Pisces will close a phase where they were more focused on one-night stands with no strings attached. From today onwards, you’ll want to find someone with whom to share more than a mere fling.

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A friend will tell you they’ve done an online beginners finance course and this help them sort out their domestic finances. You know that you’re a bit wasteful (especially when it comes to buying gifts for others as a display of affection), so try to do a similar course yourself and you’ll be able to save more and better every month.

Sometimes you struggle to achieve a good balance between your professional and your family life.  Today you’ll try to find solutions to be able to use your time better. You might ask your boss to work from home a couple of days a week, if what you do allows for that. If you have a different type of job, perhaps working intensive days would be the solution.

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You’ll get very good news regarding medical tests you had done a few weeks ago.

You must exercise your mind, as your brain is just a muscle. From the Horoscope we recommend doing Sudoku, as they’re great for this purpose.