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It's time to look after your friendships - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, February 6, 2021

Your ideas will feel like something unachievable, but they'll lead to other interesting proposals


Fully focusing on looking after your relationship makes you neglect your friends.  This Saturday you’ll want to meet with your friends without your partner being present, so you can catch up. You need to enjoy your own space and disconnect from your relationship to get a breath of fresh air and recharge your batteries though laughter and complicity.

This won’t be a problem, as your partner will understand it perfectly; what’s more, they’re always telling you to see your friends more often. Even so, you’ll try to use the most neutral words and you’ll give unnecessary explanations to avoid offending them.

Single Pisces will also have a very socially active Saturday, where they’ll enjoy conversations and crazy moments with their friends. The person you like will be around, but you will have to do something outside of your comfort zone to get their attention.

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You have a feeling you’ve forgotten something you needed to do at work. Mercury retrograde might have influenced you, making you overlook an order, notice, notification or warning. Pisces, you should check your schedule, email (especially the spam folder) or text messages, there’s something you’ve forgotten to complete.

If you’re employed and your company is going through a period of crisis and tension, don’t be ashamed to express your ideas, no matter how crazy they might seem. All of your efforts to try to and make plans to improve your company’s situation will be welcome.


With the good aspect of Neptune in Mars you’ll feel self-confident. You’ll be proud of your virtues and you won’t hide your defects. You’ll work on improving yourself and you’ll be very brave when acknowledging your mistakes. You’ll also have the courage to chase your dreams, even if you don’t have the support of others.