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Matters of the heart will progress slowly but steadily - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, December 6, 2020

A very profitable business might arise with a friend, or a business partner might turn into a true friend


Saturn will make you take matters of the heart calmly. Any kind of association or relationship will be done serenely and responsibly. You’ll be cautious and, for this reason, you might prudently wait before getting married or making your relationship public.

But, when you decide to take that step, your marriage will be stable and long-lasting. For this reason, it’s a good period for long-standing couples who consider their partner to be their best friend (as well as the love of their lives).

The sun in conjunction with Mercury might cloud your mind, Pisces, causing some misunderstandings with a very close friend. At first you won’t understand anything and you might even get offended if they get mad at you, but if you meditate on it for a bit, you’ll realize the mistake you've made.

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The same thing foes for business partners, from whom you’ll demand discipline, responsibility, seriousness and respect. If they meet these demands, then your business partner is likely to become a good friend. Although the opposite might happen, you might set up a business with a friend.

In both cases Jupiter will bless you with good fortune and good luck at work, and Uranus in Taurus with the increase of your power and social status. And what about your finances? Well, you’ll probably need an accountant to keep your company’s books and finances, as you might overlook important matters and have some unforeseen money leaks.


You’ll be more serious than usual, Pisces, but this doesn’t mean you’ll take offence when others make jokes.

On a physical level, the planets keep asking you to be careful with accidents at work or at the gym, but generally speaking, your health will be very good, and you’ll recover faster than expected.

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