Pisces Tuesday on a sky background with shooting stars

You'll reach new agreements with your partner - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Remember that the fears of others don't have to become your own. Make your own decisions


There are some points in your relationship that you’d like to preview or change, but you don’t dare say it to your beloved due to a mixture of shame and fear of their reaction.  If there are things that don’t make you happy, what you shouldn’t do is brush them under the carpet.

Today’s astral aspects accompany you to have a fluid and open conversation. If it’s a rocky subject, write down on a piece of paper what you want to say and how you want to say it beforehand. Double check it in order to avoid potential misunderstandings and try to use clear words and no reproaches.

The blood of single Pisces will be boiling, and the butterflies in their stomach are waiting for a chance to act. You have some suitors, but you’re not physically attracted to them. And those you do like don’t even notice your presence, oh how complicated love is, Pisces!

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Others will project their fears on your decisions: “I couldn’t do it,” “aren’t you afraid of moving so far away/changing jobs during these times/starting a business...”, “you’ll surely regret it further down the line”, etc. Let this kind of comment brush off of you like water off a duck’s back. Other people’s fears aren’t your own. Make your own path and enjoy it.

If you start crunching the numbers, you’ll realize you’ve accrued several debts of different amounts.  You should try to be more aware of it and try to repay them as soon as possible.


Allergies might bother you through the day: a constant runny nose, itchy skin, a congested nose...  Use your trusted antihistamines or, if it’s the first time this happens, seek medical advice. It will also be good if you flushed your nose with saline water every twelve hours.

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