Pisces Horoscope Saturday 2020

It'll be a somewhat stressful but productive day - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, September 5, 2020

Careful! The energies will cause jealousy, and some neighbours don't have a great opinion of you


The available energy will pacify your love life, giving way to a Saturday of calm. It will be the time to smooth things over and speak from an honest place. Love is like a plant; it needs to be watered regularly. In this case, have you done your bit every day to keep your relationship healthy?

Perhaps you think you have, Pisces, but the objective answer might be a different one. It’s time to look at your actions over the past few weeks from a more objective point of view, for both of you. Only thus will things improve.

Your children will be nervous about the start of school and they might pass this nervousness on to you, making you lose control of the situation. Making them go to their room until they’ve calmed down might help channel this energy differently.

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If you’re one of those Pisces who do their shopping once a week and today is shop day, we feel sorry for you! You’ll have a flat tyre. It doesn’t seem to be due to wear and tear but, rather, because someone has purposely tried to annoy you. This involves delays and unforeseen expenses if you don’t have a spare.

It might be time to buy a parking spot with surveillance or cctv equipment, if you don’t want to wake up one day to find someone has scratched your car.

In order to face all the upcoming expenses, you’ll cut down your food expenses by buying the cheapest brands. Oftentimes cheaper doesn’t mean worse quality.

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Haste will create a Saturday where your diet won’t be a priority.  Therefore, all your meals will be scarce and unhealthy, you might even fall into the trap of ordering fast food just so you can carry on with your tasks.

Don’t make this a habit. Next time you know you’ll have a hectic day, the best thing you can do is cook the day before.