Pisces Horoscope Thursday 2020

You'll be mysterious, attractive and very popular - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, November 5, 2020

Although your aura will be overflowing with spirituality and peace, if someone bothers you at work they might awaken the tsunami in you


You need to love beyond romantic love or material things in order to feel happy. It will be a day where you’ll connect with your spiritual side and where you’ll take an interest in other cultures and their rituals. Your love will expand towards all of humanity and you’ll feel a strong sense of social justice.

You’ll help those in need, and you’ll be charitable towards any homeless person you encounter in the streets.

With Jupiter in sextile to Neptune, you’ll have a romantic halo and a mysterious attractive which will give you a certain glamour, fame and popularity

It’s a good day to talk to your children about humanity, morality and social welfare.

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If you work in a religious or spiritual field (priest, spiritual guide, etc.), today you’ll get the expected acknowledgement or triumph. It’s a day of positivity and abundance for all Pisces who work helping others in a selfless way, and for those who are musicians.

At work some situations will put you on edge and your more primitive side might come up. Take more breaks than usual and swap coffee for relaxing infusions.

You might receive income or donations from friends or people you don’t even know. Make sure this isn’t a mistake before you spend the money.

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Mars has several tense aspects with other stars, due to which the best way to vent is through sports, if they're contact sports such as boxing, all the better.  But you need to make sure you’re not too aggressive during your workout or you might hurt others.

You might react violently if someone disrupts your work or routine for any reason. You’ll have to control your impulses or you might end up in a fist fight with a colleague, or even hurting yourself by punching a solid surface.

On a mental level, keep an eye on your dreams this afternoon (if you take a nap) and tonight, because they’ll be premonitory ones.