The sign of Pisces with a black starred background

You'll leave the past behind to focus on your present - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, March 5, 2021

Jupiter brings you abundance but your anzxious attitude might mess up your new opportunities


Those who are single will leave nostalgia aside and will focus on their present and what they want their future to be like. You’ll have the fortitude to accept what couldn’t be or what was left behind, and you’ll start seeing life from a different perspective. You’ll have a greater desire to go out and mingle without getting your hopes up, you’ll flow through life, desirous to find the surprises that await you.

The atmosphere at home becomes more romantic for Pisces who are in a stable relationship. You’ll pay more attention to your beloved and you’ll receive the same amount of affection in return.

Your pet might be showing signs that something isn’t right. If they’re moulting too much or, even, if they have bald patches, it might be linked to their thyroid gland. If it’s a female, you should check all of their mammary glands to make sure she doesn’t have a strange lump.

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Jupiter in your House I brings you good luck, and Mercury will help you set into motion all the new projects that arise.  Although impatience might get the better of you, making you restless and pushy. This might scare off potential new employers or partners. Take it easy, Pisces, some things are better slow cooked.

You finally have a good amount of money in your bank account. Before you start spending recklessly you should remember that the first order of business is to get rid of any bad debt (loans, credit cards, etc.). Before you do this, however, you should set an amount aside for future unforeseen circumstances, you’ll be grateful for it when the time comes.


With Mars in opposition to the moon, your mood will be somewhat tricky to control, and those around you will notice it straight away.

You might experience some heartburn, but with some heartburn medicine you’ll get rid of it.

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