Pisces Horoscope Sunday 2020

New commitments will become stronger - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, July 5, 2020

Evaluate what others have to offer, whether they nurture you or rot your moral fibre. Be selective and commit to those who are worth it


This cycle of eclipses which ends today with the Cancer-Capricorn axis has shown that you can’t abandon your friends for your partner. And that having 1000 followers doesn’t mean having 1000 friends. It’s better to have only a couple, but very good ones. You must find balance, Pisces.

You’re also likely to have found love recently within your close circle, someone who supports the same causes you do. Perhaps you still haven’t started a solid relationship yet, but the bond is already there, and it will get stronger and stronger.

If you have children, they will be somewhat nervous and they’ll want your attention, but you’ll soon be overwhelmed by their vitality and you’ll need some alone time.

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Suring this last lunar eclipse which will take place in Capricorn, you’ll start seeing culminations and ends related to your friendships, your feeling of belonging to a group or community, and to teamwork.

Capricorn’s energy pushes you to embrace this commitment you’ve taken after a series of revelations.   Perhaps you want to be a part of an activist or human or animal rights defence association. Or perhaps you want to solidify new friendships with less positive people and finally leave aside toxic relationships.

You have another 6 months where you’ll notice this energy, and where you can make the most of it to achieve all of your goals in this sense.


Emotions will be running high, and tears will come easy. You’ll be especially sensitive to news linked to your immediate surroundings and you’ll tend to be overly alarmed by sensationalist articles. Research reliable sources that are as objective as possible.

On a physical level, there’ll be moments of extreme excitement and anxiety.