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Resolutions that you were awaiting will arrive - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Although you'll be happy, you'll feel somewhat exhausted due to an internal emotional roller coaster


There might be some friction in your love life, because your work and social status will become your priority, above all else. You’ll need to remind yourself that money and material possessions cannot buy true happiness, this is found in your romantic and social rapports.

You’ll have the incorrect belief that the more money you have the more gifts you can buy for your beloved and the more trips you’ll be able to go on together. But, deep down, you know that your daily actions are the most important display of affection, much more than buying an expensive perfume.

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Your financial or work matters that were unresolved will crop back up and will become very important in the near future. It might be a resolution in your favour regarding a lawsuit over money that was owed to you, or that an investment you make a while ago will skyrocket, bringing you significant profit.

This also applies for those who are unemployed and who had interviews a few weeks back, which you though were already done and dusted. You might get a phone call to invite you for a second interview.

If you have to spend money on something, make it the purchase of a self-help book.


Pisces are the most empathetic zodiac sign, and the one that feels the pain of the world most acutely due to everything that has happened and continues to happen. For this reason, this last year you’ve felt confused, hurt, deceived, sad, hopeful among a thousand other things. This intensity of feelings has exhausted you, but a moment of peace will soon arrive for you, little fish.

Recharge your good vibes during these two last days of Christmas which are filled with magic and love in your family, they will help you face the whole month with great joy.

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