Pisces Horoscope for Friday

Indiscretion will reveal your secrets - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, February 5, 2021

You'll have great negotiation skills and you'll convince the person you're talking with of anything


You’re quite careless and prone to unintentionally divulging private things. This will put you in a pickle if you have a lover or are having an affair, as you won’t be discreet at all, and you’ll let this secret come to light. Of course, f you were in a stable relationship or married, your partner will find out and will cut all ties with you.

Those who are in a stable and faithful relationship will have a day of peace, which might even be a bit boring.

Single Pisces will boast about their latest conquests through social media and will share the details of the racy conversations they’ve had, without saying who the other person is. But this afternoon, when you want to keep having fun, you’ll receive nothing but silence from you alleged beaus.

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An energy current of good luck and profits coming from your work is flowing through your career and that of your colleagues and friends. It would appear that there’s a cluster of good vibes benefiting you, and that you know how to make the most of them. This good atmosphere will make way to new ideas and perhaps even interesting collective projects.

The downside is that when you get home to be with your family or enjoy your hobbies, you won’t be able to stop the avalanche of work-related thoughts. If you don’t disconnect, you’ll get to a point where your brain cells won’t be able to cope anymore and you’ll suffer a burnout.

You’ll be very good negotiating, so you can use this to your advantage, to get a salary raise or improve the conditions of your mortgage or rent.


If you’re looking after someone, you must follow the recommendations of their doctor to a t, don’t believe that you know better and that you can skip the routines or drugs just because you read about it online or because certain friends said something.  Don’t jeopardize the health of others.

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