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At home you'll enjoy carnal pleasure - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, December 5, 2020

You'll be fluent on financial conversations during which you might find new business partners


Pisces who are in a relationship will need to connect with their partner, and they’ll do so through sex. Today you won’t want to leave the house, your home will be your haven, where you can love and enjoy your beloved’s skin. Reconciliations will be possible thanks to your ability to transform, and thanks to the good communication between you.

Those who are single will have a chance to experience different love affairs during this weekend, with people who are younger than you. Have fun, but keeping your head on, explore your sexuality, enjoy the company of others, be respectful and demand respect, set boundaries and enjoy, Pisces.

If you have children who still live at home, the family atmosphere will be happy and jovial. It’s a good moment to paint their bedrooms and have them help you with the paint rollers and brushes.

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Your heart is still rather generous, when it comes to your finances, and you might be willing to give money to help the less fortunate. Which doesn’t mean you’ll only help strangers, you might help friends, acquaintances, distant relatives, etc. Although you could always choose an NGO which is in line with your beliefs and values.

You’ll have great ease to communicate, especially when it comes to investments, so, at an informal meeting, you might make new business partner or find new ways to make money.

It will also be a positive day for sexologists or people who sell sex toys, psychologists, brokers and travel agents.


The astral energies can give you swollen feet, so it’s best to wear comfortable shoes. It's best if you wear sandals and go around the house barefoot (but beware of the furniture).

On an emotional level, it will be a happy day and interesting conversations will stimulate you.

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