Pisces Monday on a sky background woth shooting stars

Break tradition, create your own! - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, April 5, 2021

At work, the law of minimum effort will rule and you won't want to socialize


You’ll break tradition in your relationships, can’t a woman propose to her partner? Does it have to be with a ring and not another object? Can one only propose during the weekends? To heck with that! Be yourself and make your own path, do as you please. Your romanticism and originality do not stand for tradition, you’re sure to leave your beloved speechless (and, afterwards, you’ll have your answer).

You’ll enjoy a moment of conversation and conjectures with your spouse, after watching the series that is so trendy. You’ll exchange points of view and you’ll make predictions about what will happen to every character. In order to make it more fun, you could bet something sexy or kinky.

Those who are single will feel attracted to someone very affable and kind. Careful Pisces, they’ll soon show their other face, and you won’t like it one bit.

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If you’ve saved this Monday morning to manage public administration paperwork, you should get ready to be patient. Those who are employed will keep being tossed from one department to the next, you’ll have to stand in long queues, computers will stop working... An endless number of setbacks that will, perhaps, force you to end up having lunch at dinnertime.

At work you’ll try to avoid standing out, you don’t fancy trivial conversations about sports or conjectures about the pandemic.  You’ll go in to do your thing, slowly and without making too much of an effort, which means your work won’t be excellent, but it will be adequate.


You don’t pay your enough attention to the health of your mouth. So, this Monday you might suffer a toothache caused by a cavity. If you wait too long to treat it, you might lose your tooth, make an appointment with your dentist, immediately.

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