Pisces Horoscope Sunday 2020

Plan a reward for your efforts - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, October 4, 2020

Careful what you wish for, you might find yourself stuck in a deep abyss that you'll struggle to get out of


A sea of doubts will arise from your mind when you see your partner being all smiles while talking to one of their friends.  You won't get jealous, on the contrary, you won’t have even the faintest trace of jealousy or worry. Does this mean you no longer love your spouse and don’t care about losing them? It can mean rather the opposite: that you have a solid and healthy relationship.

The thing is, you should remember that true love isn’t the one that comes and upends your life like an earthquake. But the one that gives you peace and stability. Therefore, is your partner your soul mate?

The aspect of Venus with Lilith will give all Pisces, both in a relationship and single, a great desire to enjoy their sexuality. You’ll feel especially attracted towards people with a dark halo and a touch of despotism. Careful with this, Pisces.

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If you don’t get your child what they’re asking for in order to teach them a lesson, then don’t let others get it for them either. Otherwise, they won’t learn that they must earn their rewards and they won’t understand the value of money.

Aside from this, you’ll also be frustrated because several projects will become more complicated than expected. The idea of going back to work tomorrow overwhelms you. Plan a spa session at the end of next week to keep you motivated.

You’ll learn that a family inheritance, of which you should have received a small part, is being held back because of other relatives.

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If you feel your joints are “rusty”, it’s because you’re not stretching or getting enough collagen through your diet.

Gentle exercise such as pilates can help you recover the mobility you’ve lost. And, if you can, you should also consult a professional physiotherapist.

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