Pisces Horoscope Wednesday 2020

You'll fuse with your partner, you'll be very connected - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, November 4, 2020

You'll be the target of people with a negative aura who will want to approach you with a hidden agenda


Your ego will dissipate to give way to a relationship where you feel you’re blending with the other person. As if you were two trees, your roots will intertwine with those of your beloved to build a foundation in thee hidden depths, from which you can grow together.t

You’ll use sex as an escape from reality. But careful not to become obsessed, otherwise you might become infatuated with people who want to take advantage of you. If your life is very monotonous and you’ve been with your partner for a long time, you fantasize with people you didn’t think you were attracted to. But at no point will you consider infidelity, fantasies will be just that, fantasies.

Those who are single will be promiscuous and might feel confused regarding their sexual orientation or identity.

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You must be more alert than ever.Pisces, careful with gold diggers, they're trying to get you. Also be careful with business partners or investors you don’t trust very much, as they might con you without any remorse.

Your name will appear in someone’s will, but, due to the singular conditions of said will, the money will dissipate before it even reaches you.

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It’s a good period to get your reproductive organs checked.  Going to a gynaecologist or a urologist once a year for a check-up can spare you future problems. It’s also important for you to reflect on your sexual health.

Here’s some advice on how to improve it: have a balanced diet, don’t smoke, use condoms to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancies, keep your stress levels in check through mindfulness, so you can have a healthy libido, avoid toxic relationships and, if you’re a woman, swimming will improve the tone of your pelvic floor.