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You'll surprise others with your skill - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, March 4, 2021

The relationship with a father figure becomes tense and very uncomfortable


Your family environment becomes tense with the arrival of Mars in the house IV of your birth chart. Tense and unpleasant situations might take place with your father or a paternal figure. This person might be too aggressive in their treatment of you and might try to take away your freedom.

If you still don’t have children, your instinct might awaken over the next few days as the red planet puts a lot of energy on this matter. But this desire to be a parent might be coming from a great void, and you’ll think that perhaps if you have children, you’ll feel happier. This is really critical mistake as you’ll probably end up venting your frustration on your children.

 On the other hand, your partner will feel somewhat neglected as you’ll only talk about yourself and your problems, you won’t care much about how your beloved’s day has been.

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Some work colleagues or supervisors will be surprised when they see all the resources you have to solve an atypical situation.  You still have some aces up your sleeve, but from time to time you show others that you’re much more skilled than they think.

The moon in Scorpio will help Pisces who are teachers and professors to tackle taboo subjects with their students. Focusing on subjects in a natural way and creating an enriching debate will help many students clear their doubts and see certain matters from a different perspective.


It’s a great day to go to therapy, as the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in your house XII will help you put your feelings into words. You’ll express yourself in detail and you’ll have a great ability to reflect, which will help you cure the wounds of your soul.

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