The Pisces sign

You'll receive gestures filled with love - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, January 4, 2021

Some colleagues will try to annoy you and make you lose it, don't stoop to their level, little fish


Although your relationship prospers, you shouldn’t overlook those small details that brighten one’s life. Send your partner an unexpected text message or a surprise gift to work with a romantic note attached. They’ll feel valued and loved, and in a few days, you’ll be more than likely to receive a little surprise.

Those who are single will be too busy looking for new ways to make your fortune and won’t spare a glance for anyone. Unless this person can give you an increase in your assets and finances.

There’ll be changes around you, Pisces, perhaps new neighbours who will catch your attention and with whom you’ll get on well. Initially they will seem very different from you and your habits, but a friendship is sure to bloom there.

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The energies have started relaxing at work, but you’re still in an astral phase where your tongue moves too quickly when someone bothers you or oversteps. If you don’t take a deep breath and preserve your mental peace, this might cause a lot of friction at work (especially with troublesome and rude colleagues). Don’t get carried away by impulses, as all these people want is drama, don’t indulge them.

An opportunity to make money will slip right through your hands, but others will arise instead (although they’ll be less profitable). Don’t stand looking at the one that escaped you, stop lamenting what could have been and start exploring new options.


You need to change your unhealthy habits into a healthy diet and routine. Only this way will you be able to avoid falling ill, or will you finally recover from this injury or illness you’re going through.

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