Pisces Horoscope for Thursday

You might dream about your past lives - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, February 4, 2021

Your professional life will be like a roller coaster filled with contradictory feelings


It will seem like your partner is lost in their own thoughts, behaving unusually and even saying some things out loud which you don’t fully understand. This situation will confuse and worry you, and when you ask them you won’t get a straight answer.

Having them mulling over things all day and not sharing them with you will make you feel displaced and alone, which will probably make you angry. Rather than harassing them and asking them what’s up every 5 minutes, the best thing you can do is give them some space. You’ll see how, at the end of the day when their thoughts are clearer, they’ll share them with you, and then many things will make sense.

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The bells of great projects you’ll be involved in are ringing. But the foundations haven’t been laid yet, and the bureaucracy of paperwork to be handed in will delay your plans greatly. Don’t lose hope, Pisces, although it might feel like all your enthusiasm has crumbled down now, you’re basically just putting a pin on things.

The thing is, you’re on the right track, even if you have to wade through the jungle to get there, jumping over any obstacles that appear in your way.

If you need to fix your finances, perhaps consolidating your debts will be what’s best for you. Check with a financial advisor, but under no circumstances should you get other people involved in the consolidation of your debt as guarantors or collaterals, because this will only cause arguments in the future.


Neptune in trigone with the moon in Scorpio will give you restful and regenerative sleep and dreams filled with symbols. Pay careful attention, because you might dream of past lives and wounds that you’ve dragged to your current existence.

Your physical health is good, and your energy is intense, you’ll be full of vitality. Take the chance to do a tougher workout routine from your usual one, your body will be able to handle it.

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