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Your attitude toward adversity will make a difference - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, December 4, 2020

Your children will be disobedient and you might be late to work or to other appointments because of them


In the morning, the moon in opposition to Saturn will change the harmonious atmosphere at home with your children, and they will become uncontrollable, rebellious and disobedient. This might cause you to be late for your routines and duties today.

Venus in a good aspect to Neptune will ensure that, although you won’t be very romantic, you’ll need your beloved’s physical affection and love in order to seek “shelter” from the outside world by the end of Friday.

If you’re single you might get angry at someone you like a lot, who is a part of you circle of friends but with whom you can’t quite see eye to eye.

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Despite morning frustrations, you’ll have great focus when tackling your tasks at work. The sun and Mercury in your area of authority will encourage you to be generous with your employees, if you’re an employer or shareholder, and you’ll check if their salary is proportional to their hard work. If you think it fair, you’ll give them a raise.

It will be a positive day for professions linked to mathematics, engineering, physics, astronomy and philosophy.

Those who are unemployed might find themselves forced to make a rash decision just for the sake of finding a job, but it will be counterproductive.


Despite your seriousness at work, you’ll have a great sense of humour. The thing is, you need a different attitude for each occasion, and you’ll know when to use which.

On a physical level, the stars and in sync with Pisces, interfering to make this a day devoid of vitality and full of problems and little ailments that will assail them throughout the day. Even then, optimism will be present most of the day, as you know that the attitude with which you face your problems is the most important element.

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