Pisces Horoscope Saturday 2020

You'll be absorbed in your own thoughts - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, October 31, 2020

This day is good both because of the date and because of the energies, to pay homage to spirits, ancestors and people who are no longer with us


Due to the conjunction of the moon and Neptune in your sign, today you’ll be more focused on yourself and on your thoughts. You’ll want to have a long moment of privacy, burning energy, and the best thing will be to go for a walk on your own, where you can submerge yourself in your own world and disregard the outside world. This will help you feel better with yourself.

In the afternoon, playing a competitive videogame with your partner, children or friends will entertain you and make you happy. Once you finish the game, it will be time for costumes, make-up and trinkets.

Venus and Mars awaken your passion and you’ll be transported to a romantic place with your partner where you’ll have to be careful with the volume of your voices unless you want the whole neighbourhood to hear you.

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Your thoughts and reflections will be about how to prioritize good routines so you can be happy with your job and your body.Pisces, you’ll be ambitious, and you’ll feel capable of taking on a lot of responsibility. But the truth is that Mars won’t agree with this and, although in your mind everything seems to be ready, you’ll be lacking the most important step: action.

At work, while being absorbed planning your next move, you’ll make small mistakes which will make you huff and puff repeatedly.

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Beyond the commercial side of Halloween, for pagans this is the Samhain, a moment to honour our ancestors and those who are no longer with us. And, although you’re normally independent, this year you’ll want to be a part of an act or ritual performed by your community, or perhaps to attend a place of worship with your friends.

Remember that in the early hours of the morning, the full moon in Aries takes place, and it’s a great moment to make a list of intentions for abundance, financial goods and self-worth.

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