Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday

Your sixth sense is activated - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Your mental and spiritual sides will be very active, so you'll tend to daydream


The conjunction of Neptune and Mercury in a good aspect with the moon and Pluto make this one of the days of this year where you’ll have lots of intuition. Your sixth sense is so sharp that, if your partner (or anyone else) tries to get a lie past you, you’ll pick up on it instantly, from the very first gesture.

You’ll become aware that an acquaintance has their eye on your spouse.  Up until now you hadn’t noticed it, but today everything will become very clear. It looks like your partner has noticed, but they don’t mind the extra compliments. It’s time to have a serious chat with your life partner.

You’ll connect with everyone else very easily and deeply. You’ll understand the problems of those around you, leave judgement aside to offer your help to those who need it.

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Mercury is in tension with Mars in Gemini, and this can cause you to be rather sharp in your communications. You’ll be especially harsh towards those you don’t get on well with, if you’re in a management. This will evidence your lack of professionalism.

You can’t get on well with everyone but avoid being so obvious about it or the complaints might reach your supervisors.  This will be especially tough, as these people will be trying to push your buttons.

Those who will have a good day thanks to the astral atmosphere are the Pisces who work in natural ancestral therapies, occultism, shamans, mediums, etc.


Your decisions will be quick and impulsive, without reflecting or thinking rationally. This will cause some problems further down the line.

Your energy will be more focused on the mental and spiritual than on the physical.

Pay attention if you operate heavy machinery, because you’ll tend to be distracted.

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