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Your colleagues will follow in your footsteps - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, July 31, 2020

Your regent, Neptune, will have both harmonious and disruptive aspects, if you know how to channel the energy you can make the most of it


The Mercury and Neptune trigone will give you new and creative ideas to put into practice in your love life. But, due to the quadrature of your regent with Venus, and the arrival of the moon in the sign of Capricorn, these will be realistic ideas. That is, you won’t come up with impossible plans or relationships, but rather, with tangible and achievable goals and objectives.

You’ll make a commitment to yourself to be more cautious in your next relationship, to not give everything of yourself in the first few months. But to move forward little by little without revealing everything about you. Pisces, we know you’re the most romantic Zodiac sign, but you’ll want to restrain yourself and, next time, let the other person put the work in.

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This Friday’s planetary aspects give you ideal energy to organize and assign matters linked to strategy and concrete actions at work. Today you’ll see everything so clearly that, without meaning to, you’ll be the captain of your team. This will grant you admiration and prestige among your colleagues.

You’ll be smart at making profitable investments.  The right amount of experience and prudence will let you invest in businesses and companies which will yield great financial profit. But you’ll also be generous and altruistic, and you’ll donate money to a just cause.

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Yesterday’s sadness will vanish, and you’ll be overcome with energy of self-improvement. You’ll see all of your problems as challenges that you need to learn from and overcome. You know this process will help you grow as a person, and you're willing to face any obstacles you encountered.

You’ll toy with the idea of getting a tattoo representing your fortitude, your ability to get back on your feet and carry on. The thing is, although you're the most sensitive sign, you're also the most resilient.