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Fantasy could make you place the bar too high - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, January 31, 2021

If you don't feel comfortable with your close friends, then it's time to make a change


The moon in opposition with Neptune in your sign will enhance your most dreamy and imaginative side. When this happens, you tend to fantasise about an epic partner or relationship. You know that this kind of behaviour will later bring you disappointment, because your expectations are too high and then they go unmet.

But you can use the energy of Venus in Capricorn to put your feet on the ground and appreciate your partner. Be realistic about what you love about your partner will help you know if it’s true love or just affection and appreciation. If it’s the latter, perhaps the time has come to go your separate ways.

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You thought that this month would be chaos in terms of your finances, but it turns out you haven’t fared so badly after all. You even have some extra money to add to your budget for next month’s expenses.  Or perhaps you should save it to make yourself a birthday gift.

Uranus and Mars become tense in your area of close acquaintances and communication. You may no longer feel comfortable among your colleagues, neighbours or some relatives. It’s time to change and reorganize yourself. You need a job in a different company, to move somewhere else or move away from certain people who, although related by blood, make you feel uncomfortable.


With the sun travelling through Aquarius, you’re in the period of reflection which comes before your solar revolution. It’s time to make a balance of your year, and Mercury in Aquarius will help you do just that. Pisces, you can spend today making a vision board, see how things are evolving, go over those behaviours and attitudes which you want to get rid of, write down which ones you want to develop, etc.

With the waning moon in Virgo, you should take the opportunity to clean your home and mind.

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