Pisces Horoscope Friday 2020

Overwhelming passion and steam - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, October 30, 2020

Tomorrow is the witches' Samhain, what ideas and projects do you want to set into motion?


Passion, impulsive adventures and fleeting loves will be the protagonists of the day. If you’re in a relationship, you might find yourself attracted to someone else and you’ll have to decide between being faithful or having some loveless fun.

Those who are single will also win some new hearts, but it won’t turn into a serious relationship. You’ll feel attracted to people from different age gaps to yours, and from exotic cultures.

With this aspect, it’s the perfect Friday to go out and party or to experience an adventure with your children, practising archery would be the ideal activity.

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The stars influence you to live in the moment and to waste money. It won’t be until tomorrow when you’ll be able to be serious and organize your finances with the aim of saving money.

At work you’ve been testing the waters for several new ideas, or you have started a new business. From now on a new period starts where all of your strength must be focused on achieving success. You must start laying down your ideas and turning them into techniques and methodologies. Volatility has no place anymore, it’s time for concrete things.

It’s a good day for Pisces who work as translators, museum guides or travel agents.

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With the sun in Scorpio in opposition to the moon, there is “fiery” water energy in the atmosphere.  Gossip, envy, jealousy and promiscuity will be present today. Weight your words and actions carefully. Try to exercise and meditate.

Right now, you’ll be able to observe your deepest, darkest desires and put them into practice, getting carried away by the vibrations around you. However, try not to hurt anyone through your actions, and make sure your relationships are 100% consensual from all parties involved.