The Pisces sign

You'll enjoy a fairy-tale romance - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, November 30, 2020

When you come up from the depths of the seas you sometimes delve into, you tend to shine again in all your splendour


The love that will arrive thanks to the lunar eclipse will make a grand entrance, without a doubt, without complications and with great admiration, respect and passion. For this reason, you shouldn’t isolate yourself, Pisces, but be cautious as, at first, it will seem too perfect to be true. Everything will fit, everything will flow. Smiles and glances will shout out loud what you can’t say out loud yet, but it will show in every heartbeat and every gesture of affection.

Venus is active in your area of romance and both those who are in a relationship and those who are starting a relationship will feel optimism as if it were a fairy-tale romance.

Your children will seem out of control, they’ll do a sort of mutiny against authority (you), and they want you to meet their demands in exchange for peace. Establish boundaries and explain to them that they can talk freely about everything, but in a civilized and orderly way, not like savages.

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The energies invite you to plan for the future.  You’ll see an acquaintance go through a rough moment due to a lack of savings. You don’t think of yourself as a frivolous spender, but the truth is that when you save up some money you end up spending it.

Yes, maybe you spend it on useful things, or things for your home, but, with Uranus in opposition to Venus, surprises might catch you off guard. How about saving a third of this month’s profits to face any unforeseen events?

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You know that no one can dim your light.  Things can get temporarily cloudy, but as soon as you open the blinds, the sun comes out again, and you get up ready to take on the world.

Your love and big heart can seem excessive at times, you wish you could be meaner. But you shouldn’t think like that, little fish. These are great virtues, and your loved ones know it.

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