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You hit the same wall - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Venus combust in Aries can make you too impulsive and self-centred


Pisces who are trying to be clever in their love life will soon be found out and put to shame. You’re not fooling anyone when you try to appear more confident but acting in a bossy manner. If you have a broken heart and put on a front, you’d better not add a layer of superiority to it.

Some will hit the same wall twice. Your partner’s promises about how they’re going to change and be a better person and partner are empty. It doesn’t matter what others say, you’ll be hellbent on giving them a second chance.

Those who are in a relationship will show great maturity when balancing your work, family and leisure.  You’ll masterfully adapt your schedule by having some time to enjoy everything, every person, every experience.

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If you’ve started in a new position or company a few months ago, some old malpractices from your old job will come to light. In the past you made a serious mistake, you behaved disrespectfully or, even, abused the trust of the company by taking something that didn’t belong to you.

This might jeopardize your current position and start hearing rumours about you.  Before everyone imagines the worst, the best thing will be to come clean to your supervisor and convince them that you’re a better person now.

Some students are approaching tough dates, full of presentations and exams. Although you believe that you still have lots of time, if you get organized now, it will be much easier for you to finish everything on time.


Cross contamination might play a nasty trick on you at a restaurant. If you have any food allergies you should always carry an antihistamine with you and make the waiter aware of your allergies.

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