A new romance is in sight - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, January 30, 2021

Despondency leads to listlessness, and that leads to laziness. You need to relax in order to regain your strength


Harmony, peace and understanding will reign for the Pisces who are in a relationship.  You’ll be able to talk freely with your beloved about what you what, and they’ll be able to put themselves in your position and understand everything you say. Therefore, it’s a good day to talk about your fears, hopes, wishes, spirituality, soul, etc.

If you have little children and they’re a bit restless, perhaps you could use the famous reverse psychology to get them to do what you want. Water signs know well how to manipulate others, and this time you’ll do it without a negative undertone.

Someone who wants an affair will appear, and single Pisces won’t think twice before jumping on the bandwagon. Far from dreaming about a wedding, you’ll simply have fun with no expectations.

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Your lack of motivation is ever greater at work, especially when you find out that the bonus you were expecting won’t come (at least for now).  This might put you in a foul mood, and you or colleagues might end up paying the price every time they come near you.

Previously you tried to agree with your colleagues so you could all go together and request the improvements you deserve, but they haven’t listened to you. Each to their own, it’s “every man for himself”. And, without uniting, you won’t have the strength you need.


Tension and stress from work will make you physically exhausted and make you feel weak overall.  Therefore, you should leave the most exhausting chores for tomorrow, and relax as much as possible.

Don’t overexert yourself if there’s something you don’t want to do (if possible), there are times where one can’t cope and one needs to rest. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

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