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Your facial expressions will betray your thoughts - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Mars is still very active in your area of self-worth, but you're thinking yourself superiorto others, little fish


You’ll say more through non-verbal communication than through words, your gestures and glances will betray your thoughts (for better or for worse). So be careful, because you might be turning your nose up at your partner or boss, and this won’t do you any good.

Plus, your reactions will tend to be exaggerated and, if the other party is bothered by your nasty expressions and gestures, you’ll snap back, causing an argument.

Although it could be the complete opposite, it could be that if you're madly in love with someone it will show, whether it is your spouse of a love you kept in secret because it’s a friend or colleague.

The full moon in Cancer shines in your area of children and romances and illuminates all the aspects of you which have been overprotecting them. It’s also a good time to reflect on how you’ve nurtured those relationships, whether you’ve done it lovingly but from a place of detachment, or if you’ve done it from a place of attachment and toxicity.

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Fortune won’t be on Pisces’ side this Wednesday, as there’s a tense aspect between Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Therefore, just throwing yourself in headfirst and saying “we shall see where the Universe leads me” would be better avoided today.

You’ll keep having a false sense of superiority towards your employees and colleagues. Your attitude will be conceited and boastful, which might lead to many problems at work.


If you’ve toyed with your health and you haven’t paid enough attention to it, your body will start sending you warning signs.  For example, if you don’t have a varied diet, or don’t eat fruit, it will manifest as a heavy or even painful digestion. Or, if you don’t exercise, your knees might start aching.

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