Pisces Horoscope Thursday 2020

Your body needs movement and you need fun - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, September 3, 2020

Today we foresee small losses linked to purchases abroad


It’s an excellent day in your love life, where there’ll be many conversations and exchanges of ideas with your partner or beau.  All of them will be peaceful and relaxed, even with some curiosity to discover new things about the other person. But there won't be arguments or conflict.

It’s a good time to play a questions and answers game. Write on blank pieces of paper many questions of different nature, of the kind you’d ask someone you just met (or perhaps some racier ones).

Put all the questions in a box and start taking turns taking a piece of paper out, read the question out loud and answer it. It will be a fun way to update yourselves and discover new things about each other. This game will also come in handy for any Pisces who have a date today.

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If you’ve recently found job, you might find yourself in an uncertain situation, and where you’ll have to work unpaid overtime. If you have no choice but to continue working there, be careful and record the conversations with your bosses, and the times you clock in and clock out.

An order you placed abroad is likely to be stuck in customs, and you’ll be required to pay custom duties to be able to get it. This will put you in a bad mode, as all the money you were saving but buying it abroad will vanish with this payment.

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Just because your partner has a few extra pounds is no reason to stop working out, Pisces.  Love isn’t putting weight on together, as some people say. Plus, eating half a bag of chips at night while you watch a film or series will make you hold liquids, due to the amount of salt in them.

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