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Pisces Daily Horoscope for Monday, October 3rd, 2022

Pisces, don't fight what you can't change


Pisces, you'll have to resign yourself and accept an unattractive situation. If your relationship has come to an end, there is little you can do about it. It won't do any good to beg, blackmail, or insult them out of spite; they won't give in. Even if your ego is bruised, it's in your best interest to do what's best for you. Going after someone who belittles you is beneath us all. You're above such petty actions and you'll come out of it safely.

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Pisces, the Daily Horoscope gives you the strength to persevere. You'll never achieve the goals you set out to achieve if you break your own rules. When you commit yourself to save for the future, there are certain limits you have to respect. That dream you've always had won't come true if you keep taking money from your savings for minor whims. Although it might not seem like it, you're wasting the money you have been building up for years on nonsense. You should be more consistent in your convictions.


Pisces, today's Horoscope predicts that you'll vibe very high in the world of work. Today you'll receive the best of news.  It's possible that your boss has considered raising your salary. It won't be a huge raise by any means. However, that little bit extra will go a long way towards covering day-to-day expenses. Who knows, maybe you'll get a bigger raise in a while if you keep working hard.


You're too influenced by what those around you say, Pisces. No one has the power to choose for you, so don't let them even think about it. Don't be enslaved by a few silly comments.


Pisces, don't be discouraged by a bad patch. You might feel a little down in the dumps over the next few days. However, this state of mind won't last a lifetime.

Maybe it's due to the stress you've been under lately for various reasons. You should rest as much as possible and disconnect in whatever way you choose to revitalize yourself.