Pisces Horoscope Saturday 2020

A hectic day full of setbacks - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, October 3, 2020

Communication won't flow, plus you'll be clumsy and arrogant when expressing yourself, weigh your words carefully, Pisces


The tense aspect of Mercury with Uranus can cause arguments with your partner, family and even with your friends. This will be because this Saturday you’ll struggle to focus on the conversation at hand and you’ll reply incorrectly. That is to say, you might give irrelevant answers or display a sense of humour which will be offensive for others.

You’ll have a rebellious attitude and you’ll long for freedom. If your partner can’t call you back down to earth, you’re likely to consider breaking up. Remember that you don’t know it all. Humbleness will be the attribute that will save your marriage.

Single Pisces might have a serendipitous romantic encounter, but they’ll need to display a lot of self-control to avoid challenging all of the other person’s ideas (this could be perceived as arrogance).

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Today is not a good day to sign agreements or payment plans for purchases. As this commitment will become unsustainable for you in the long run. It’s also not a good day to make plans or read documents, reports or heavy books, as you won’t be very focused.

Also avoid sending e-mails or communicating online, as there’ll be misunderstandings which can lead to arguments in the future.

You’ll have to be very patient, as unexpected circumstances might arise, which will disrupt your day: your car might break down, the printer might stop working, or your computer might need to do 10 different updates.

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This astral transit will cause stress and anxiety.  You won’t be able to be still for a moment, and even if you’re sitting down, your legs will be moving, almost as if they wanted to run away.

For this reason, you must avoid all drinks and foods which alter your central nervous system such as coffee or energy drinks.

Every time you notice you’re upset, you should take 10 deep breaths and to exercise in the morning and in the afternoon.