The sign of Pisces in half a purple circle

You'll create new and eccentric trends - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, March 3, 2021

At work you'll be running around, chatting with everyone, it will be a hectic day


Pisces who are in a stable relationship or marriage will enjoy a very harmonious atmosphere, without arguments or disagreements.  So much peace will make you feel whole. But some might confuse this peace with boredom. They will immediately try to find problems with this positive situation, because they’re still dealing with some trauma from past relationships.

Those who are single will discover some lies or lies of omission that the object of your affection has been telling you. You’ll call some of their bluffs and this will make you distrust them. You’ll prefer to take a few days to reflect on what happened. But no matter how much you mull over it, you won’t be able to reach any conclusions. Instead of creating scenarios in your head, it’s best to just ask them upfront. Perhaps there’s something deeper behind it, something they’re ashamed of and that’s why they try to hide it.

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We foresee a very hectic day (in a good way) for Pisces. The stars will make you program a short trip or several work errands throughout the day. You’ll happily interact with everyone you encounter today, and this will make the day more pleasant for others, and for you too, naturally.

Artists will enjoy a creative, open, unconventional, somewhat eccentric and very brilliant mind.  The ones who will feel this influence most strongly will be those who work in fashion. The muses will visit you and give you the necessary inspiration to create new tendencies.


If one of your purposes for 2021 is to quit smoking and you’ve been achieving it so far, today you’ll really struggle not to fall into the temptation.  So many encounters and conversations with smokers throughout the day who will offer you a cigarette will put you in a tight spot. But don’t give up, you’re strong and you’ll achieve it!

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