Pisces Horoscope Friday 2020

Seek balance between body and mind - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, July 3, 2020

At times you can be too proud, Pisces. Reflect on this attitude of yours


If recently you’ve offended a friend or relative with your words, you won’t want to apologize for it. If you have to apologize but don’t feel like it, you’ll avoid contact with that person.

You’ll be grateful for everything your partner does today. You’ll be happy with everything you've achieved together, and you’ll let them know.

If you have children, it’ll be a great day to do some outdoors activities, flying a kite or going to the park to explore the flora and fauna of the place.

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Some money you weren’t expecting will come into your hands. It won’t be much and, most likely, you’ll find it in the form of a banknote on the seat of the bus or on the pavement. You’ll look to both sides and you won’t see anyone looking for it, and you’ll put it in your pocket. Don’t waste it, little fish! You’ve been waiting for a lucky strike for a while, and this is one of the first signs you’ll receive.

If you were waiting for the right moment to start your own business, this is it! The astral energies will give you everything you need to take steps down the good path: balance when making decisions, illusion and affection.


Pisces, your feet will be a bit swollen after running around all day long.  From the Horoscope we recommend that, after you have dinner and while you're home, we recommend you soak them in a tub with warm water and salts for a few minutes. Then pat them dry and massage the area with rosemary or sage oil, you’ll feel great relief!

On a spiritual level, you’ll have to set a routine which balances your physical activity and your inner life. Meditating or doing yoga every day is an excellent choice.