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You'll crave recognition and admiration - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, January 3, 2021

You'll need the approval of others when making decisions, in order to feel like you're making the right choice


Today your mother or a maternal figure will be very important for you. Her approval on your career or new projects and goals will be key to make you feel truly supported. Although your relationship with her might not be too close, you’ll need to hear that she’s proud of you and of your achievements, and that she supports your decisions.

On the other hand, you won’t listen to the opinion of other relatives and/or your father (or paternal figure), which will lead to you facing reproaches from these people further down the line.

Venus in Sagittarius propitiates travels with your partner. You’ll be especially interested in going to a place where you can see or participate in native cultural acts or festivities. It doesn't have to be in the near future, but this way you can start saving up in order to go on that trip towards the end of the summer.

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You shine with your own light, Pisces, it’s embedded in your aura. But, with so much astral energy in your area of vocation, authority and social power, you’ll want to dazzle and receive recognition. Your identity will be closely linked to your career and professional achievements. You’ll have a profound need to be admired and recognized.

You’ll show your social status through your material goods, so you might want to buy a house that shows you have a lot of money. Or to buy expensive furniture or build extras to your house to add value to it, such as adding a swimming pool.

You won’t hoard all of your resources as, with the trigone of the sun with Uranus in this area, you’ll donate money to humanitarian and altruistic causes.


You’ll have a really strong nervous system and good eyesight, hearing and sense of touch. Plus, you’ll be interested in and have a taste for exercise, which is good for your health.

You’d benefit from a session of reflexology to relieve some stress.

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