Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday

Invest money on your wellbeing and health - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, February 3, 2021

You'll make it clear to others that they shouldn't meddle in your personal business


The romantic atmosphere with your partner will still be a bit tense due to the argument you had recently, caused by jealousy. Your partner knows for sure that you haven’t done anything wrong and that you haven’t been unfaithful, it’s just their insecurities talking. If they acknowledge this and it’s the first time this has happened, then you should be indulgent and listen to them, perhaps by telling you their fears they’ll realize they’re baseless, that they’re nothing but a product of their imagination.

Those who are single will get a face of thunder every time a relative asks them if they have someone in their lives or when they enquire after an ex. Your heart is at peace now, and you want to be well with yourself. Don’t get angry at others, just make it clear that they shouldn’t meddle in your business.

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If you share a bank account with your partner, a relative or your children, then you might be overlooking some expenses which you’re not aware of.  Go carefully over all transactions and purchases to determine who’s taking advantage of your kindness.

Some of the comments and behaviours between certain colleagues, supervisors or business partners are suspicious and you have a bad feeling about them. Something is happening behind your back and you aren’t entirely sure what’s going on. Don’t get paranoid, Pisces, perhaps it’s not a plot against you, but simply something unrelated to work. And don’t accuse anyone without solid proof.


The astral atmosphere invites you to invest on your wellbeing. Paying for a massage, buying organic and healthy food such as locally sourced fruit and vegetables, enjoying a spa session... All the money you spend on your health will always be well-invested.

Feeling well could make you a bit cocky towards others, trying to lecture them about health matters.

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