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Nothing can erase the smile on your face - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, December 3, 2020

There's a great professional and commercial atmosphere that will allow you to work in a fluid and motivated manner


You’ll feel whole and proud of those who are with you in this adventure we call “life”.  Come rain or come shine, your grateful and optimistic attitude won't let anyone erase the smile from your face. You'd like to spend the day with your partner, children, family and friends without worries, but you have duties to tend to.

You’re sure that no one in the world can love your children more than you do. And, for them, you’re a guiding light, they admire you, and when they’re older they will be grateful for all the love, understanding and knowledge you’ve imparted on them.

However, sometimes you’re so absorbed in your own projects that you don’t pay them the attention they need. Make the most of this day to understand how valuable they are and to start correcting your behaviours.

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At work, the atmosphere will be friendly, and teamwork will be easy and fluid, but you might have to make an effort not to chat too much. It's great to have a good atmosphere at work but, at the end of the day, you're there to work and to fulfil your tasks. Above all you must take this into account if you're employed, because your boss will be watching you from the shadows.

It’s a good moment to close deals with new business partners or collaborators, although you’ll both need your own space to act independently.


Pisces, if you practice sports (especially football), you’ll have to be careful because with the energies indicate you might suffer a shin or ankle injury. Diving in for the ball might leave you limping for a few days. Although it won’t be serious, it will be painful and uncomfortable until it heals.

On the other hand, your sense of smell will be very heightened, and you’ll be thrown off by strong smells, and they might even make you gag. Try to carry your favourite perfume with you so you can put it on in those moments.

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