Pisces Horoscope for Saturday

Listen to the advice of your elders - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, April 3, 2021

Add more fiber-rich foods to your diet to avoid constipation


Those who have children will have a realization that they haven’t been paying them the attention they deserve. So, you’ll plan a Saturday where your little ones can choose what to do: go to a theme park, to the cinema, top the park, etc. This day will be the protagonist and you’ll strive to make them feel loved.

Those who are single won’t be certain about having a date with someone who likes them. If you don’t like them, tell them without beating around the bush, don’t string them along. The thing is, sometimes you like to have someone who is crazy about you “on the bench”, this way you have someone to boost your ego and shower you with gifts. That’s not right, Pisces.

It will be a day devoid of carnal passion for those who are in a relationship, but you will enjoy any nice words your spouse has for you.

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Your interest in new things will also attract some charlatans, so you’ll have to be able to tell diamonds from coal and not be swayed by promises of great benefits in a very short space of time. Perhaps you’ll receive this offer from a relative who’s trying to cheer you up, but don’t get carried away by blind trust in those who share your blood.

Listen to the advice you’ll receive today from a very wise elderly person on life in general, but especially about finances.  Their experience will offer valuable lessons for you, which you’ll have to put into practice immediately.


You might suffer from constipation, as you’re not eating enough fibre. Increase your intake of artichokes, pineapple, asparagus, green beans, kiwi fruit, lentils, apples (with the peel) and whole oats. In a few days you’ll see your bowel movements improve.

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