Pisces Horoscope Tuesday 2020

A personalized strategy will bring you closer to a job - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Spend some o this day connecting ith your inner peace, your guides and your spiritual side


You have your eye on that person who makes your palms sweaty and your guts wrench every time they talk to you. But you’re not getting any indications that your hints and glances are working. The time has come to change strategy, Pisces.

No, we’re not talking about trying to make them jealous, this would only push away the object of your affection. Perhaps your seduction skills are a bit rusty, and for this reason you don’t know how to interact in order to let them know you’d like to date them. Subtly ask their friends or acquaintances how to start a conversation with your platonic love.

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Careful at work today if you're going to make financial transactions through cheques, payments or transfers.  You’ll be a bit distracted and you might misplace an important document, or the money might not reach its destination, but, rather, the wrong one.

Organizing your work schedule well will be the key to success today. Spend half an hour before you start to get yourself ready. It’s better to write everything down and to tick off the tasks as you complete them. You’ll free up some mental RAM which will lighten the load.

If you're still unemployed you should make a list of potential companies that might fit your professional profile and write a personalized presentation latter to send it by email this week.

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Lately you have so much on your plate that you forget to take care of yourself.  Even though it’s Tuesday, you should spend some time today connecting with yourself and listening to your conscience and your body.  Become aware of your talents and virtues. Feel the path advised by your spiritual guides.

Careful! In your haste running back and forth, and with the clumsiness the stars have “blessed” you with today, you might end up running into another person or lamp post headfirst.