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Your Pisces Horoscope for November 29th

Your Pisces prediction for Tuesday, November 29th, 2022

How will you get on with your friends today, will you solve those little health problems?

Get these and many other answers by reading your Pisces Horoscope.


Pisces, you'll vibe very high in the emotional sphere today. If you have a partner, it'll do you good to contemplate a change of scenery for the day. You could visit a new city, go on an outing or spend a relaxing day at the spa.

If you're single, you'll want to plan something different with your family and friends. Spending a few days in a rural house would be a great idea. Escaping the monotony isn't as complicated as it seems.

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Today's Horoscope advises you to  pay constant and careful attention to your banking situation. Remember that in the past you've had problems related to overspending. You should keep closer track of the money you take in, withdraw and spend.

If you forget to take a look at your account, you might find it in the red the next time you log in. Don't start running up unnecessary debts recklessly. Take this matter with the seriousness it deserves.


Pisces, the strange behavior you've noticed isn't just your imagination. It's possible that your colleagues have started to treat you very coldly. Once you confirm this, you'll be able to easily figure out their reasons.

Your recent successes have sown envy and discontent in their hearts. It could be that the fact that you were the first to succeed has put some pressure on them.

However, the fact that their ego has been bruised isn't your responsibility. It's their problem.


You should be more sensible and selective when choosing your friends, Pisces. You have a bad habit of calling anyone a “friend”. Exchanging a couple of pleasantries doesn't make you close.


You should externalize your problems as best you can, Pisces. Some friends have already noticed strange behavior in you, so you'd better speak openly about what's happening to you