Pisces Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Some of your secrets will come to light - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, July 29, 2020

It's a very positive day for you at work and in all matters linked to getting money


An argument with a relative might split people into two bands.  Things from your past will resurface in the form of reproaches and your partner will discover things you did before which you didn't want them to find out about. These are things that happened long ago, when you were just starting your relationship and still weren’t sure if things were serious.

Those who are single will be so obsessed with improving their image today that they won’t even notice they have an interesting friendship request in one of their social media accounts.

Thanks to the sextile between Jupiter and Neptune, you’ll have a very altruistic, generous and kind halo. Your thoughts towards your friends and community will be effusive and charitable.

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At work you’ll have a hectic day with many meetings and projects that must be kick-started. But everything will go swimmingly.  Your disposition and fortitude will once again be reflected at work, well done, Pisces!

You’ll win a competition you signed up for recently, and here you were thinking you never win anything! It’s also true that if you sign up for every single one you see on your news feed, you were bound to win something sooner or later, right?

If you have a property up or sale keep an eye on your phone, you’ll get a couple of calls from interested parties. Be clever and tell them you’ve received a lot of interest so that, rather than trying to negotiate the price down, you get a higher offer.


A good foot reflexology session wouldn’t go amiss. A foot massage will help you get rid of stress and anxiety. As well as stimulating your blood pressure.

From the early hours of the morning the moon in Scorpio will boost your intuition and your dream world. It’s important that you pay attention and try to remember your dreams when you wake up, as dreams are signs from our subconscious.