You won't let other people's anger drag you down - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, January 29, 2021

If you have an urgent need to get a makeover, you should sleep on this idea for a few days


If you vibrate at a high frequency, you’ll attract something which vibrates at the same frequency as you. Showing the best version of yourself, chatting kindly and happily, enjoying the small details in life... All of this will make you feel whole while helping you attract abundance and happiness.

Your partner might want to argue because they’re stressed or angry, but you’ll be able to turn things around. Listening intently without reacting, trying to understand beyond the other person’s frustration, can help you ask them questions which they will have to answer for themselves, thus reducing the negative projection and transforming it.

Single Pisces will be overcome by Mars’s energy and will have the courage to woo anyone they want.

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Be careful with emails telling you that you've won a prize and that they need your confirmation so you can receive it. If you haven’t signed up to any competitions, why would anyone give you a prize? And, if you’ve ever signed up, you should ensure it is a real email by first calling the company. Either way, you should never give your credit card or bank details, passwords or passcodes to anyone.

The stars indicate that you might feel listless and unmotivated at work.  You’ll need encouragement from your colleagues to finish your tasks. Although it will be a specific feeling, you’ll need to use all of your willpower to avoid having to work overtime.


If you have a genetic ailment or illness, it might be exacerbated today and bother you more than usual.  If your symptoms get worse you shouldn’t hesitate to get professional help.

Your impulsiveness might make you get a very radical haircut which is outside of your comfort zone, which you’ll regret as soon as you get out of the hairdresser.

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