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Long-distance relationships will experience setbacks - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, December 29, 2020

You'll be too ambitious and you won't mind exercising pressure until you achieve your goal


It will be a stable day in your love life, past misunderstandings will be water under the bridge after harmonious conversations.  The only exception will be marked by long-distance relationships where one of the parties might decide to ask for some time after almost a year without having any physical contact.

In this case, a very painful breakup might occur for Pisces, who will resist this change of status. Your attitude after this even might lead to an extremist and aggressive reaction. The resentment you’ll feel will be marked by your constant need to dominate the situation and the other person.

Alert if you have a pet! An external agent (whether it’s an animal or a person) might harm them greatly if they get into a fight.

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At work, your gestures and words will show your desire to be very authoritarian and dictatorial. If a business deal is on the line, you’ll want to tighten the screws and to get them to lower the price (and you’re not taking into account the employees behind these products or services). Although, if there are people behind it who are suffering you won’t care, so long as you achieve your goal.

“Me, me and me” your colleagues and partners will hear nothing other than your reaffirming yourself and discussing at length everything you know and do well. You’ll even explain processes and techniques they already know perfectly well.

It’s not a good day to book and go on long trips, as the astrological climate will be tense.


Careful, Pisces! The health of your spine and joints will be at risk and you might suffer a major injury.  This kind of damage is very dangerous, and the recovery involves great difficulty and effort throughout time.

If you were recovering from this kind of injury, you might suffer a relapse.

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