Pisces Horoscope Monday 2020

Fire between the bedsheets thanks to Venus and Mars - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, September 28, 2020

You won't want to spend money even on a coffee to go. You'll put your wallet away and it won't see the light of day all day today


Venus in a harmonious aspect with Mars will give you emotion and passion, and you’ll want to achieve a deeper connection with your partner or with the person you like. You’ll have the need to fuse with your soul mate in a physical and/or sexual way.

You’ll seek intensity in your relationship. You might feel vulnerable and become jealous and possessive for no good reason. You’ll give everything of yourself and you’ll expect to receive the same level of love and commitment.

But careful, you might find yourself involved in a turbulent relationship which might become toxic.

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It will be a day where you’ll have great focus in order to carry out any work tasks.  You’ll be extremely responsible, and you’ll be very focused on your goals. So much so that, without meaning to, your behaviour will be temperamental and even arrogant, because you won’t want to waste even a single minute of your precious time.

A very positive influence to become a leader in your company or in society. Your objectivity will be absolute and your focus unshakeable. You’ll get rid of everything that bothers you in order to achieve your goals, whether it’s people, tools, work methodologies, etc.

Your attitude towards money will be that of extreme austerity. You won’t purchase or invest in anything. On the contrary, you might put objects or belongings up for sale just so you can lighten your energy and that of your home or place of employment.

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You’ll feel you’re working loads, but success isn't coming as fast as you expected. That will create a feeling of sadness which might spoil your day. Don’t get ahead of yourself, Pisces. What remains of the year is a bit of a sprint and if you do it well, success will come.

Mentally, this is a crucial moment. Your psychological identity might be regenerated, opening the door to a new phase in your life. To a new “you”.

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