Pisces Horoscope Wednesday 2020

You need a moment of relax to elevate your vibrations - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The moon in opposition to Venus predicts potential arguments in your love life, especially linked to cultural and political issues


If your partner is a foreigner or if they live abroad, today is a day where you’ll feel very frustrated over not being able to hold them, or due to clashes on different opinions. The thing is, sometimes it’s difficult to integrate and adapt cultural clashes into a relationship.

Also, if your partner has different religious or political beliefs from your own, there might be arguments between you. If your values are unmovable and completely opposing, then your relationship is unlikely to prosper.

The thing is, you may not have realized this, but you might be with someone you're incompatible with according to the zodiac. If that’s the case, things might suddenly start making a lot more sense.

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At work, you’ll have a build-up of tasks and you’ll have to finish your working day later than you’d like to. It seems that work comes in waves: sometimes there’s very little and, all of a sudden, you’re overwhelmed.

If you have inactive bank accounts, then don’t be lazy and approach the relevant bank branch so you can cancel them. Otherwise, in a few weeks you’ll encounter charges for account fees which you’ll have to pay in order to be able to close them.

Pisces, it would be good if you researched the changes to your bank’s terms and conditions, as many are changing them; knowing them beforehand will save you from future surprises and scares.

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Overeating during your breakfast or supper “to recover your strength because you’ve exercised a lot” is not a valid argument. Least of all what your eating has lots of saturated fats. If you really want to be healthy, you know you must start eating better.

The bad vibes in your love life will make you feel sad and demotivated, even tired. Give yourself a break tonight and have a relaxing bath before you go to bed.